Niall in the Dubliners Map by At it Again!

A “Dubliners” Adventure

We go on an adventure with every new guide book or gift. We love to explore
the colours and illustration ideas that best suit the book, but also the places that
inspired the author. And what better author and book to explore Dublin with
than James Joyce’s collection of short stories, Dubliners. During the lockdown,
we decided to follow the routes of the characters as they travelled across the
city to create a map for you to explore Dublin and discover the hidden
literary places in the new edition of our fun pocket guide, Romping through

Dubliners Map with Niall
“It was noon when we reached the quays and, as all the labourers seemed to be
eating their lunches, we bought two big currant buns and sat down to eat them
on some metal piping beside the river.”
‘An Encounter’, Dubliners by James Joyce

It’s like a treasure hunt where we come across unexpected delightful
discoveries like this one:

Brendan Behan Street Art Dublin

And all along the ideas are flying like Niall’s pencil over the pages of his sketch

Niall sketching the city

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