Inspiration for Romping through Ulysses by At it Again!

How we started ‘Romping through Ulysses’

New edition of Romping through Ulysses by At it Again! coming June 2021

How we started 

Romping through Ulysses

We fell in love at a Millenium New Year’s Eve Party in Germany and our adventure started by moving to Ireland and bringing Irish literature to life with At it Again! After experiencing Bloomsday celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses, we wanted to inspire more people to go on their own literary adventure. Starting as a passion project, our first pocket guide, Romping through Ulysses, was unleashed to make readers chuckle and give them unexpected insights into Joyce, his big book and the places that inspired him. People loved it so much that we thought, why not tackle other Irish literature? 

During this past year of lockdowns, we decided to revisit all our books and bring out new editions, starting with our most popular book, Romping through Ulysses. Since the last edition has been sold out for some time, we took this opportunity to explore how to take you on an adventure through the world of Irish literature. And starting a book is always an adventure for us too!

Inspiration for Romping through Ulysses by At it Again!

Starting out, we like to dive into our ever-growing book collection for inspiration. We love mid-20th-century illustrations in children’s books, film posters and advertisements. M. Sasek, Ronald Searle and Saul Bass are just three of the artists who inspire us with their playfulness, expressive lines and dynamic shapes. We like to include all these elements into our own illustrations to bring the story to life. 

Here is Niall chatting about his love of vintage illustration:

Find out how we used this inspiration to create our new version of Romping through Ulysses in the next instalment - ‘How we Made Romping through Ulysses’.

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